Meet the Mentor SMart Team

We are a team of professional development advisers, qualified mentors and coaches with our own individual specialisms. We are here to connect you with one of us or one of our associates, depending on the type and category of learning intervention that you require. 


Our aim is to match you to the most appropriate member of the team having discussed your needs, credentials and personal preferences. 

Matt Levi
Partner at Mentor SMart Club

I have worked in Learning and Development for most of my working life and believe that putting people in touch through Mentor SMart is providing access to a whole new group of people that would otherwise be denied professional development opportunities. There can surely be nothing more powerful than having a 1:1 intervention dedicated to an individual and focusing solely on their needs.

Sarah Davies
Partner at Mentor SMart Club

As an experienced and skilled leader, adviser, mentor and trainer, I recognise the importance and impact that effective, needs-led mentoring can have on both professional and personal success. Throughout my career, it's helped me reflect on, and embrace, the many opportunities and challenges that have come along. I now want to ensure that the same support is available to others in this innovative form.