I feel I have left this process with so much more than just getting ready to start looking for a job and returning to work....Sarah worked with me on my confidence, skills recognition, helped me recognise how others influence my decision making and improve my awareness of things like my body language. Thank you for this incredible opportunity which I honestly feel is the thing that will make the the most positive contribution to my ability to find suitable employment.   

Returner to work

L.T. - Devon

This is a creative and innovative idea bringing expertise into the living room and providing learning opportunities that simply would otherwise not exist or happen. I hope this progresses and allows people access to learning opportunities that they would not necessarily gain from another source and solve a whole lot of development problems for individuals who need that help and support.

OD Professional/Director

London based Higher Education Agency

It's just so simple! Skype, hangouts or facetime at no cost per call. I was being mentored from the USA right into my own home!

Distance no problem

A students perspective

I was nervous about going back to work having been away for over a year. Being put in touch with a professional smart mentor away from the organisation I work for has put me at ease and given me confidence in a discreet, private and confidential way.

Steph Falconer


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