First ever National Technician Development Centre Partner Forum

Mentor SMart Club are working in partnership with the NTDC on introducing a SMart Mentoring service for all HE Technical Staff. This is being introdced at the exciting new event running at the centre this week. For more information please read below.

Dear Colleagues, It is our privilege to offer you a warm welcome to the very first National Technician Development Centre Partner Forum. The NTDC is committed to providing organisations and their technical communities with access to information, expertise and a range of research and tools specifically designed to support the delivery of high-quality technical services across all sectors. This exclusive event has been designed with you in mind - we have a great programme of workshops today, focussed on supporting the technical community; innovative and creative solutions to shared problems; how we enable a sustainable technical workforce for the future; promoting career paths for technicians; and how the NTDC can support you in meeting your Technician Commitment. This is a unique opportunity for you to influence the work of the NTDC and the future landscape of technical services nationally. The event is an opportunity for you to meet and network with colleagues from our Partner Affiliate organisations across the UK. We hope you have a productive and enjoyable day! Terry Croft MBE Founding Director, NTDC Natalie Kennerley Director, NTDC

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