What is Smart Mentoring?

SMart Mentoring is the online or electronic version of mentoring.


It serves the same purposes as traditional mentoring but uses technology to facilitate mentoring relationships. Mentoring is the practice of creating developmental relationships between mentees and those with more experience or expertise in areas compatible with their learning needs.


Tele-mentors are geographically removed from their mentees and will use smart phones, laptops, tablets etc to support the relationship. This face to face virtual contact enables all the advantages of regular face to face meetings ~ rapport to develop, a personal relationship to be established and immediate feedback to be provided.The clear advantage is that the use of modern, cheap technology, available to all, makes mentoring possible between mentors and mentees anywhere in the world and provides an opportunity for a mentoring experience that may not otherwise be possible because of constraints of time and expense of travel.


Gone are the days of time away from work and juggling complex diary commitments - mentoring is now possible conveniently at your desk - at home or work. Mentoring Smart offers a truly viable, affordable, low carbon footprint, sustainable customer friendly learning option.

Use of technology and techniques

You will probably already have all of the technology that you need at your fingertips with the exception perhaps of a decent pair of headphones should you require privacy. A laptop, pc, tablet or smartphone will all provide you with access to your mentor. 


There is no cost associated in using the software. Skype, google hangouts or facetime are all platforms that you can easily use. Mentor SMart will provide on line training materials on simple steps to using the technology, as well as hints and tips about non technical matters associated with getting the best from these professional conversations.

Smart-Mentoring categories

Firstly, let us know how we can help you, then we will find and match you with the right person who has the skills and expertise to support your mentoring needs.


The following categories highlight some areas of support available now;

  • Leadership and Management

  • Career planning and development

  • Early career support

  • Change Management

  • Technical (for technical specialists)

  • Specific sector support ( Education, Business, Public Services, Retail, etc.)

  • Administrative and professional services 

  • Business start-up

  • Time and stress management

  • Returners to Work

  • Life Skills  


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