Returners to Work

SMart Mentoring can help you by supporting your journey back in to the workplace.

It can be daunting when you consider returning to work, even after a short break. It is commonly accepted that it takes a while to settle, even returning to a post you held before.cFor others, a longer break can result in re-entering the job market and, to be successful, there are some preparatory stages to tackle.


Supportive mentoring can help you to prepare at your own pace, increase professional confidence, revisit and refresh your skills set and reduce associated anxiety.

If you would like help with;

  • Confidence building

  • Planning for success

  • Career options

  • Managing change

  • Understanding the recruitment process 

  • Matching motivations with aspirations

  • And more....


Talk to us to see how our SMart Mentors can help support you re-enter the job market successfully.


Contact us at or via the form on our 'contacts' page.


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