Mentees: How to access SMart Mentoring

Here are your initial 6 steps to success!

1. Think about how can we help you. Go to our Mentor SMart 'topics' page to help you identify possible areas for your mentoring focus

2. Complete the mentor request form, sign and send it back to us. Complete your payment.

3. We will look at your needs and requirements and then match you with one of our expert mentors.

4. Your SMart Mentor will be in touch by email within 5 working days to arrange a time for your first meeting.


5. You may want to provide some additional information at this point, so your Smart Mentor can customise the sessions to support you.


6. Your mentor will call you at an agreed time using WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype to start your mentoring experience.

Further information on this process can be found on the Mentoring Topics page.