New Online Training Opportunities

New 1:1 and small group cpd opportunities available now are detailed below. Contact us for details. 

1. Wellbeing and Home Working

Keeping a healthy mind and body has always been important, but in these challenging times, even more so. As we dramatically step back from our busy pre-coronavirus lives and try to embed social distancing and self-isolation wherever possible, we find ourselves trying to recalibrate in a ’new normal’. 

Many of us find it a struggle to make sense of what’s happening and adapt to the speed of change. We know maintaining wellbeing is critical to our mental health, but concerns about working differently, possibly having no work, financial pressures, separated from work colleagues and clients and potentially caring differently for those nearest and dearest to us (and often at a distance) is fuelling huge anxiety for many people. 


This short, solutions-focused programme will help you consider what ‘wellbeing’ means for you, consider contextual issues and possible changes you could make to improve wellbeing. The programme is flexible and will cover both individual strategies for coping, managing, contextualising, planning and organising your own individual lifestyle needs and preferences, as well as those for helping and supporting others.


2. Managing Performance Remotely

For many, working from home is not ideal: a much more complex and stressful environment, with interruptions, demands from others (colleagues and family), limited space, etc. Trust is put to the test as we move into a full home working situation. Yes, we should be prepared for a change in working environment, but culturally it is a whole new ball game. Of course, as managers we should trust our staff and colleagues, they are skilled highly professional and hardworking people, but have we prepared them, have we got it right?

Given that this is the case, what skills do you as a leader, manager or supervisor need to be a good online manager? You can make all the difference to how someone else not only performs, but feels, during these new and often difficult times. What, as managers, can we do to support, help and oil the wheels?

This short programme will help you to review the current situation and manage change more effectively. We can help you plan a more effective approach, supporting colleagues and improving performance and productivity.


The programme is flexible and highlights key skills and approaches to sensitive, caring and effective performance management within this completely new context. We will support you through revisiting your existing skills set, considering new ideas and thinking and re prioritising your personal approach.

3. MOT Test ('Mentoring On Mobile')


We have years of experience in employability training and support, working with 1000's of people. We want to share this expertise with you to help you achieve your goals.

How are you doing?  Whether you are mid-career, in between jobs, looking to progress through promotion or stay at the cutting edge of your profession and be your best, why not take time to update your all-round employability and generic skills as well as planning to move forward with your specialist skills. Could you write a good job application? Is your cv modern and up to date? How are your job search skills? Is your interview technique modern and up to date of perhaps a bit rusty?

This short programme is here to help you plan and get ready for your future in this fast-changing world. The focus is on helping you to reflect on, sharpen and recharge your employability skills to achieve your career goals in this new and fast moving age.


We can support both a reactive or proactive approach! We can help you be better prepared for role and work changes as they happen, or be in a state of readiness for when you decide to make a move. You will bring your skill set up to date and build on your strengths, have a better understanding of what employers expect, whilst exploring and improving on possible areas of weakness that might need attention.

Contact is to chat through your individual requirements.