Target 2021: 'Training Postcards'

We are delighted to announce a series of new, targeted,1 hour online professional development workshops. Each session is a a 'standalone' training session but attendees can also benefit from additional support through follow-on mentoring and/or additional training.

(Additional costs apply.)


Each training session costs just £20 pp.

NEW! Confidence Building for Parents -

Sharing Practical Ways to Support Your Child's 

Learning and Development at Home

 Are you;

  • Feeling worried you're not supporting your child/children's learning well enough at the moment?

  • Finding your child/children increasingly lacks enthusiasm for learning?

  • Lacking in confidence about how to frame some learning opportunities?

  • Short of ideas that would help practice and reinforce learning?

  • In need of a bit of a boost for your own sanity!

We can help. We want to share with you how you can make the most of everyday activities, and use objects in and around the home, to creatively support learning and development so it can be targeted, purposeful and fun! 

Our ideas are aimed at complimenting more formal learning set by schools and we can help identify a range of home based opportunities for children to practice skills, draw on previous learning and make connections.


Watch out for new March dates 


Tickets available from Eventbrite

Target 2021- Watch this space! Sessions dates and times coming soon..

Leading in difficult times, Managing People Well Remotely, MOT Employability Support, Effective Governance Skills, and others




Get Future Focused!


Following great feedback from our December courses, we are currently planning more very timely and supportive 'Get Future Focused!" sessions to help attendees get into the right headspace to step off into 2021 with a more positive mindset.

 Do you want to beat procrastination, embrace your creativity and get your mojo back?

Then join us for this lively and engaging session.

This session helps attendees recognise internal blockers, improve motivation, help set goals and encourage planning for new things. This session will also share some practical strategies and top tips to takeaway to manage that negative inner voice, procrastination and self sabotage and start 2021 with a different, positively focused, mindset. 


This session is led by our colleague, Ian Osborne. Ian, known for his lively and engaging delivery, has been involved in personal development for over 20 years and has worked on a range of nationally and internationally recognised CPD and skills programmes within Higher Education and private enterprise.


We look forward to seeing you there!


Special Invitees Event - March 2nd 2021 - 7.30pm

New dates to follow