Mentoring for Professional Success
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Do you want to.....
  • Be mentored by a highly professional mentor?

  • Improve your performance?

  • Participate in professional mentoring sessions where YOU are the focus?

  • Gain a different perspective?

  • Tailor conversations to suit your own developmental needs?

  • Have help to co-construct a plan forward?

  • Utilise technology for ease of access and time efficiency?

  • Adopt a more sustainable approach to professional development ? 

  • Add value to other CPD opportunities you're involved in?

If 'yes', then Mentor SMart Club can help.


We offer;

  • Access to high quality vocational experts 

  • A brokerage service - helping you connect with the right people

  • A flexible and tailored approach

  • Time and cost efficiency

  • Availablity regardless of geographical situation (Wifi permitting)

  • Contact through existing technology - phones, laptops, tablets
















Organisations benefit too.


By enabling and supporting effective mentoring support, your business or organisation can strengthen its learning culture. Positive outcomes can include;

  • improved staff performance

  • greater personal and professional confidence, skills and knowledge development

  • increased workforce satisfaction

  • a heightened sense of well being

  • feeling valued as an employee.  

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