Is SMart Mentoring for me?

Smart-Mentoring is a new, online professional development mentoring service. It serves the same purpose as traditional face-to-face mentoring but uses technology to facilitate similarly effective but geographically distanced mentoring relationships, effectively slotting in to working hours and reducing wasted time and costs.


At Mentor SMart, we carefully match each mentee with one of our specialist mentors to ensure we can provide the best support available. Our experienced mentors are all well qualified in their field and have a wealth of experience and expertise to help guide and support mentees. 


Our initial questionnaire and supportive handbook also helps mentees identify their needs at an early stage so that the matching process can be a successful as possible.

What do I need to start?


If you have a laptop, smartphone or tablet you can start straight away. We use all platforms and can provide support on what to do and how, and we will find you an appropriate professional mentor.

What are the advantages?


Given the ever increasing pace of change, increasing workloads, compressed time but essential professional development demands smart mentoring offers a truly viable, affordable and sustainable learning option.


This service is for people who want to:

  • Receive focused and tailored professional development support

  • Create new learning opportunities that are focused solely on the needs of individuals

  • Create and strengthen a mentoring culture

  • Gain access to expertise never before realised or afforded (distance no issue)

  • Develop smart mentoring and associated employability skills

  • Access associated, targeted quality training that underpins and strengthens development


We can help you with:


  1. Advice on the simple and free technologies that are available to most people.

  2. Prepare for the process 

  3. Complete a simple induction to get the most from being mentored and mentoring.

  4. Understand the skills required for smart mentoring success.

  5. Make the most of the opportunities presented.


Our intention is to take the fear out of using these new concepts and technologies, build confidence and encourage participation in learning by putting the right people in touch with each other.​


Managers and those responsible for helping to deliver CPD might consider how to embed smart mentoring into their learning and business culture.


Interested in becoming a SMart Mentor or Mentee? Go to our 'Mentor' or 'Mentee' sections for more information.