NEW: Smart Mentoring for HE Technical Staff

in collaboration the NTDC

(National Technicians Development Centre)


We are delighted to announce that we are now working in partnership with NTDC, The National Technicians Development Centre.

Technical staff are a key link between academic staff and their research, learning and teaching and fee paying students. They have huge managerial and supervisory responsibilities, managing students, staff and projects, and are found across all university departments. 


NTDC Smart Mentoring allows Technician colleagues to be mentored at distance by university based experts and specialists with a working knowledge of techniques, equipment, tools and new innovations. There is also an opportunity to access mentors that have an understanding of front line issues faced on almost a daily basis and relevant soft skills that can support effective day to day delivery.

Contact NTDC Smart Mentoring on the button below now to discuss how Smart Mentoring  can support the development of Technical Professionals.


Motherboard Installation
Food Photographer
Teacher Assisting a Student
Students in a Science Class