Mentoring Opportunities for

HE Staff through

Mentor SMart

Mentor SMart Club are putting people in touch with each 

other across the UK HE sector. With the use of free and

simple to use technology (Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/ Googlehangouts)

you can join in from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. The demands and uses are different from institution to institution, from individual to individual but this is an exciting and unique to UK HE way of bringing learning and development opportunities to a much wider audience.


To date we are in advanced discussions on a number of fronts with HEIs about management and leadership mentoring, support for programmes and embedding mentoring into learning programmes, projects, career development, interviewing skills and practice, swapping non-competitive expertise, technical support and live demonstrations, women returners, access for those with needs for detailed and specific non-course based support as well as course based support, new development opportunities for all staff categories and more!


We handle the whole process from initial enquiries, induction, all quality assurance, technical advice, comprehensive training and professional development and support through to closure. There are three huge development opportunities here. The first for mentees and a chance for focused 1:1 professional development. The second for mentors, their professional development and career enhancement. the third about enhanced institutional workforce development. All participating parties will benefit from developing new skills and learning about the new professional development future. In both cases we provide all of the training and support required to make the tele-mentoring intervention programme successful in advance of the start.




The benefits to the organisation and it’s workforce are astonishingly simple, with focused 1:1s on an individual's needs basis!


There's no travel, no course fee, no overnight accommodation, no time away, choice, flexibility and freedom to learn when it suits.


We can also facilitate on-line training for individuals and teams, face to face training if preferred, offer briefings and seminars, run induction (at a distance or on site), develop focused programmes for teams, or just work with individuals on their very specific needs.

Contact us at for more details on how you can sign up.