Frequently Asked Questions


The concept of Smart Mentoring may be new to some. However, many of us use technology socially to keep in touch with family and friends and this method of mentoring utilises the connectivity IT developments offer as an alternative to face to face meetings. 


Below are some answers to questions that we get asked. In the meantime, if there is anything else you would like to know please get in touch.

 01  Do I need any special equipment?

No, not if you have access to a pc, laptop, tablet or smart phone. You may wish to purchase a headset if you do not want others to hear the nature of the conversation or to improve the quality of the sound being received but it is not essential.




 02  How much time will the mentoring sessions take?

That depends on you. Sessions are 45 minutes long and it is good practice to timetable sessions for between a month and six weeks to enable you to implement any agreed actions during the interim. Of course this is flexible and for you to plan and agree with your smart mentor.




 03  How will you find the right mentor for me?

The process requires that you submit some introductory details about yourself, together with your requirements and any additional helpful information that will help us find the right mentor for you. We will discuss your request with one of our professionals and put you in touch so that you can agree a plan. If along the journey you feel that the process, person or situation have changed then we can make adjustments to suit.




 04  Can I change things as we go along?

You may find that your job or lifestyle changes and it will be easy with apersonalised programme that you make adjustments to suit. In the unlikely event that your relationship with your mentor doesn't work out, then a new mentor can be found to help you continue and progress with your programme.




 05  Can I extend or shorten my programme?

Yes, it is quite easy to do either following an assessment by Smart Mentoring on the changes and reasons. Mentoring does have a definite life span with clear start and finish targets and wherever possible we try to adhere to this whilst recognising that change happens and adjustments made accordingly in agreement with all parties.