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“It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career." 

Carlton Fisk

Career management support

Are you looking for a new job, considering promotion, looking to change direction or just considering your options in preparation? 


We can help you to manage and strengthen your career potential by providing supportive, needs-led, timely and developmental mentoring support through providing high quality, professional conversations. 


If you want to improve your position, reflect, plan, change direction, develop new skills or just stay up to date and consider possible future options, a SMart Mentor can help you to do all this.

We can help you to develop a personalised career plan, tailored to your interests and aspirations, which supports you to ;


  • review where you are currently

  • audit skills and motivations

  • identify areas and issues to be addressed

  • consider practical ways to manage developmental actions and change

  • consider related training and support needs.


As well as sharing information about current recruitment trends and expectations, this is about helping you explore what works for you, your possible options and optimising your readiness.

With the use of free and simple to use technology  such as Zoom, Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts, you can join in from your desktop, tablet or smartphone at a time and place to suit you and your mentor. No more travel time and costs to consider, course start times or 'one size fits all' training.  


Smart Mentoring offers an exciting and unique way of bringing learning and development opportunities to a much wider audience,  offering both convenience and a personalised approach.






What we can do for you?

We will match you with a mentor that can guide you through, explore the possibilities, be realistic and creative about your aspirations and lend necessary support and advice throughout your journey.



The benefits to you, your organisation and employer are numerous, with focused 1:1s based on an individual's needs. There's no travel, no course fee, no overnight accommodation, no time away, choice, flexibility and freedom to learn when it suits. We can provide tailored online mentoring support for individuals and teams, deliver face to face training if preferred, lead briefings and seminars, run induction sessions (at a distance or on site) and can create and deliver specific support programmes for teams.

Contact us at for more details on how you can sign up.


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