Case Study Examples

Case Study 1 - returning to work after a long break

Joanna had been away from the workplace having a family to support and made the life decisions we all have to make, in this case very rewarding and planned. However, she now felt that it was time to continue with her career now that the family was a bit older as well as beig drawn to the future challenges ahead. She was successful with one of several interviews in her preferred field of social media marketing with a good university in an academic department that was looking to expand its course range and grow its student numbers.

Joanna's new colleagues and line manager were very supportive of her and enthused about where this all might lead in terms of achieving their goals and being successful with their business strategy. Having been out of the workplace for a while (she had kept up to date with technical developments in her area of skills) she felt that her confidence was undermining her performance slightly and agreed with her line manager to take on board some professional help i.e. mentoring.

Joanna contacted  Mentor SMart Club and was put in touch with Jess who had similar responsibilities at another HEI and who was a recognised SMart mentor. They planned 5 sessions of 45 mins together meeting on-line at a pre -agreed time and date that suited them both.The sessions went really well. She was able to focus on her issues and situation and implement some new ideas in between sessions. Jess was able to bring her knowledge, skills and experience to bear. The learning intervention went on to be a huge success and they both still keep in touch through linkedin and personal messaging.

Mentor SMart Club ran an evaluation with both participants and the feedback showed the value and appreciation of the process. Jo has recommended the service to other colleagues and friends who are interested in developing particular professional aspects of  their career disciplines

Mentor SMart Club were approached by Asnid, a 34 year old graduate who had been in the same organisation for a few years but felt he was stuck and wanted to move forward and develop. He was put in touch with a Career Management Specialist who had experience of working with staff at all levels, Philip.

Philip and Asnid developed a rapport very quickly and were able to cover a lot of ground. Philip was able to review Asnid's career history, offer advice on his cv, offer help with making the best of his LinkedIn profile and talk through professional development issues in detailed specifics.

Together they developed an action plan, which included development in writing successful job applications and interviewing skills and techniques.

The mentoring experience provided Asnid not just with updating his employability portfolio but, more importantly, the confidence to approach employers in the knowledge that he was making the best of his talents and giving himself the best chance of a successful outcome

Case Study 2 - Career Planning and Development

Case Study 3 - Moving into Management

Jose was doing well since graduating in her second job. She worked for a marketing department in a large corporate organisation as a specialist in social media. Her company were pleased with her performance and decided to promote her into managing a small team. Jose had not been involved in management before but was delighted with the opportunity. The company agreed a development plan with her including management development and training through a day release course.The course was valuable and quite theoretical but helpful and provided most things she needed going forward.


At her performance review the discussion moved into applying what had been learned in a practical sense and both Jose and her line manager agreed the professional mentoring support would help with this transition.

Through contacting Mentor Smart Club, they were able to find exactly the right person to support her through this process and the rest is now history. She has gone from strength to strength.